Dungeon Hire Review 137




S & B
Nervous? We had never been to a dungeon before and yes we have read all the reviews but anyone can get friends to write happy words and life has taught me to be cynical and wary and it's London.

It's a pretty strange feeling walking along residential roads looking at peoples gardens and approaching your journeys end knowing what awaits you, hoping you know what awaits you, whilst the world continues around you oblivious. It's deviant. If it could be bottled...

The Dungeon Keeper greeted us warmly and we walked in to the best toy shop I have seen since I was about 6 years of age. Do you remember that wonder and excitement seeing all those amazing things to play with?  It's a bit of a surreal moment walking through a door in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and being wowed by what you didn't realise was behind it (no umpa lumpas though). If you are the embarrassed type then take a blind fold because there is no bare corner to avert your eyes to save your blushes the walls, floors and ceiling are crammed with all manner of devices and quirky items. Atmosphere. Did I say it is amazing? .

Initially it's a bit uncomfortable having a man who you don't know talk offhandedly about suspension swings and floggers and the like but the Dungeon Keeper soon had us both at ease. Genuine, relaxed, professional. He comes across as an expert with masses of knowledge. I seriously believe he may have seen it all and non judgmental was the impression I was left with.

Very soon we were left to our own devices (and the dungeons devices) but it's a bit strange standing in a place you are not familiar with wondering if 'He' will come back again but he didn't, not until we rang the bell when it was time to leave (the door to the VIP womb where beyond lies the inner sanctum has a snicket on it so you are alone and secure). That first hour was explore time and a glass of wine soon got us into a relaxed state and ready to play, and so we did.

We booked the dungeon for 4 hours. One hour to relax and explore, one to gently play then two to really play. The first two hours flew by and at the end it was a real rush. We are so disappointed that we did not book the dungeon for longer. You can really lose time in here and if it's your first visit then I would say 4 hours is a minimum. You will not physically be able to play with everything in there in one sitting so choose your kinks wisely.

The dungeon is crammed full. You see an item of deviousness and think 'Yep we will try that later' but then leave it were it lay. We were very frustrated searching for things we had earmarked for further investigation earlier and then not being able to find them. Seriously there are that many toys. Imagine going to an unusual supermarket, seeing 100 items, not selecting them and returning later and trying to find them. If you see something you like grab it and use it!

You've read the other reviews on here and your probably worried about what you will find. I wont detail again all the equipment available or talk about how clean and well looked after everything is apart from to say when the Dungeon Keeper came back it was then that we realised he was probably as nervous as us when we arrived, having strangers in his dungeon and was relieved that we had not mistreated his 'baby'. It's his business and is a mutual trust environment.

It's safe, it's clean, it's well equipped, it's the genuine real deal, it's on my 'To do again' list.

You will be nervous but trust me it is worth it. Just remember, you only visit a dungeon 'For the first time' once in your life. Make sure it counts.