Dungeon Hire Review 135




Master Mask
I booked the dungeon for four hours...  half hour to set up for my guest (it was a surprise for her) and I had quite an intricate plan that The Dungeon Keeper was completely happy to help with.

Needless to say I was instantly seduced by the authenticity and quality of this place.  It's like walking into Heaven.. or Hell, depending on how you want to look at it.  The place is spotlessly clean.  The selection of goodies is simply the best you will ever see.  Beats Amsterdam any day.  Everything presented perfectly.  Even with our three and a half hours of play time we were sad sad sad to have to say goodbye to the place.

We spent most of our time with her strapped to a bench while I worked my way through some crops, paddles, ball gags, hoods, masks, blindfolds, chains etc and then wandering from room to room trying things on until we found the latex room under the bed... incredible.  Ended up selecting a whole load of toys and props and crawled into there and decided to stay there.

An absolutely perfect setting, dimmer lights everywhere, neon lights, great music, perfect ambiance... everything from the kitsch, cool and sexy to the extreme and beyond. 

We will definitely be back and special thanks to the Dungeon Keeper who made it a seamless transition from the normal world into ever imagine.