Dungeon Hire Review 121




I had heard about London Dungeon Hire many times but had never been there. Recently, Nina and I were there to film a small sequence for a documentary on Captain Howdy and his Mrs, called ‘Hooked’.

I have to say the approach belies what lies inside. LDH is located in a fairly typical post-war local authority block but the magic begins as soon as you enter the gated entrance to a little oasis of foliage leading to the front door. Inside, it is a Pandora’s Box of kinky delights.

Each of the play spaces is crammed with what must be the result a lifetime’s serious collecting. There is a least one of everything you could imagine, but in most cases an entire range, and many things you have probably never imagined. In fact, even the most  jaded will find something to surprise them.  Not only is every inch of wall space covered with every tool of torment and delight but every nook, cranny and cupboard reveals more.

You could be there a month and probably never get around to trying it all.