Dungeon Hire Review 112



Wibbleone & Friends
I can't quite remember how many times I've visited LDH, but I'm well into double figures, yet each time seems new and exciting. I'm not sure if it's the setting, ever increasing array of equipment, the friendly and welcoming Dungeon Keeper, the incense, or a combination of everything that makes this one of my favorite dungeon venues.

I have to say the first time I visited, I was wary, I thought I may be intimidated going to the East End, and in some ways this added to the excitement, but in reality I've always found the location very safe and welcoming.

Right from the outside of the dungeon, you know your visit will be special, the dungeon has an iron gate, with a small forest of plants and garden ornaments, you get the feeling that you will be stepping out of reality into a new world.

The moment you walk into the dungeon, you are hit with the smell of leather, rubber and incense, and as if your nasal senses working overload isn't enough, as you walk in and see the reception room, your visual senses start working overload. Your eye is drawn from wall to wall with the massive array of equipment.

Having visited about 7 different dungeons for hire ranging from the Midlands to the South Coast, I have to say that this venue without doubt has the most amazing and complete range of equipment I have ever seen. As you walk from room to room every wall is covered with new toys. In some ways, there is almost too much to take in, but again that isn't a bad thing - you get a sense of pure fetish indulgence!

So on to the Dungeon Keeper - from the efficient reply to the booking e-mails, to the friendly and enthusiastic welcome every time I have visited, you could not be in better hands. There is usually a brief tour to see what new equipment has arrived, before the DK retires to the inner sanctum, and from the moment he does that, I have always felt that I have complete privacy and feel completely safe, whilst knowing help is on hand should it be required.

To sum up, I have never got tired of visiting this place, each time feels like a first time as there is so much to explore. Kid in candy shop is a pretty good way to sum up. A credit to the Dungeon Keeper who you can tell has a real interest in the scene and in making your time there special. Last year Bethnal Green got a Michelin starred restaurant, but its always had a Michelin starred Dungeon.