Dungeon Hire Review 1




Master George
This amazing place is a large residence not far from Bethnal Green tube station - not exactly an environment where one would expect to find a state-of-the-art dungeon? Well, we were pleasantly surprised.

Very clean and tastefully furnished. Dungeon equipment in three rooms: First room has a whipping bench and a big chain, firmly fixed horizontally, which can easily support a slave. All around the room an amazing array of high-heeled shoes and fetish boots (the mistress likes to be well-shod, it appeared), hoods, whips and my favourite - a kind of plaited whip like a South-African sjambok. Absolutely wicked! It gets through to the most hardened of sinners. On the floor a padded box which elevates a subbie's backside quite nicely while she/he is lying on the floor.

The other room really is the business. A very serious pillory, a steel cage, a sensory deprivation box, a cute little chair with inverted bottle tops fixed to the seat, floggers, canes, masks, hoods, ropes, leg-spreader, leather and metal cuffs.... and a nifty hoist, which was my toy of the evening. I used it first to lift my subbie by her tied tits and then by a thin rope between her legs, making sure that it touched her clit and the ring in her clit hood.

 Spectacular success! Subbie was certainly louder than the beautiful atmospheric music which played throughout the evening.

All gear is well-made and sturdy - I felt like a kid in a toy shop.