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The scold’s bridle was a form of punishment used for women who had been found guilty of being gossips or nagging wives, as well as women who had committed other petty offences such as using foul language or brawling in the street.

The Scold’s Bridle was used in England and Scotland in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; it consisted of an iron framework to enclose the head with a gag or bit to go in the mouth to restrain the tongue, this holds the head cage in place… For as long as required!

These days the Scolds Bridle can be equally applied to men as well as women here at London Dungeon Hire.


This device seems however to be particularly "enjoyed" by female submissives and feed back from them regarding it has been surprisingly enthusiastic.

One confessed, after a hire, that she felt she had really deserved the Scolds Bridle as she had been "bitchy" towards her master on the way to the Dungeon. Apparently it really helped to put her in her "place" and in the right head space.

On further examination, however, she did admit to being strapped to a Fucking Machine at the same time as being in the scolds bridle. No doubt, this must of helped considerably in her "ordeal" and her training.